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12/27/2012 2:29:38 AM
Hello everyone i am named Magic.
I am in Southwestern Ontario Canada.
I have a`97 chev ck 1500 4x4, 4.3 L, 5 speed standard on floor
There seems to be several issues that I cannot seem to find repairs for.
The gas meter reads faulty , when it s emty it only reads half full, heater works only on high speed and bails out when I hit bump on the road, and wipers will only work on high speed but some times will work on intermittent if I mess with the switch a bit .
Iíve replaced the sending unit in the gas can (well not I, but mechanic) and no change.
Can any one give suggestive solution to any of these problems.
I have lost some confidence in my mechanic as Iíve spent $ 600.00 into the gas can already
Many thanks in advance
I would check the resistor for your blower motor. Also check the connector at the blower. My connector melted in my 95 and would stop working over bumps also. I think There was a recall on the wiper motor for that year. there was on my 95. they changed the cover out. It could be a ground issue or the resistor for the wiper motor. you could try removing the wiper motor and cleaning up where it mounts, reconnect it and see if it changes anything. Your fuel gauge issue may actually be the gauge stepper motor in the instrument cluster. (moves the needle) I believe that those do not require soldering to replace and are pretty easy and cheap to do. About $15 and 30 minutes of your time.