I cant find accessories for my 2007 Equinox its starting to get discouraging! looked for

tail light covers - nothing
tail lights - nothing
exhaust systems - nothing
air intakes - nothing
body kits - nothing

unless it is in the gm accessories book there is nothing for it :(:(:( a couple questions to any pros out there

Can I convert my Lt single pipe to have dual exhaust is I split it after the cad converter and had a tighter back pressure to make up for the extra air flow without loosing horse power?

Can I slap on any old air intake for a 3.4L without loosing horse power as long as it has a mass air flow sensor?

Will a SS front and rear bumper fit on a LT?

Is there any point in getting a 6 cylinder chipped? does anyone make a chip for a V6? can I use any chip or does it have to be designed for an Equinox?

Thank you very frustrating! Although I wanted to have a unique vehicle this is redick I can find anything to deck out my Equo but going to stick with it I want to have a unique ride and I don't ever even see a grille on an Equinox so if anyone can't help just let me know thanks again.

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