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    Yesterday, I was on my out to buy some building materials to assemble my kids' play house. On my way out, my wife said "Isn't your truck due for an oil change? Stop at the parts store and get what you need while you are out. Is there anything else you need for your truck?"

    I told her that I needed a blower motor. She said "Then get that while you are there."

    My wife NEVER gives me any crap about vehicle maintenance... Mine or hers. Shoot... I can't tell you how many times she came to me on a Friday night and told me that I had to have her Prius at the Toyota dealer the next morning at 7. She makes the appointments and reminds me to maintain the vehicles on her own.
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    My girlfriend is clueless of maintenance that's why she has me.. Actually almost every one I know up here has no clue about how to maintain a vehicle.... Every one asks me, girls and guys alike. "Hey, Conlan how often should i change my oil? I changed it 9 months ago." This happens often....

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    My 3 daughters are great, all did their own maintenance, didn't mind getting their hands dirty, they would ask for advice before they started, now they only call when they get in over their head. My wife, hmmmm, might break a nail.

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    Best wishes for the new year!

    Well, here in France we take care of American cars!
    As the configuration of roads is different from those of the USA, we must take care of automatic gearboxes.

    With TB 02, the gearbox is drained every 70,000 Km, the filter is also changed. For engine oil (5W30), same thing every 10000 km. The fact that this vehicle is equipped with LPG must also maintain this part (Spark and vaporiser). Brake pads and tires are replaced every 95,000 km

    This vehicle, manufactured in Moraine (Ohio), eleven years old and 235,000 km and only the front drive shafts were replaced, the rest is completely original. His conduct in France is not a problem of maintenance.

    Simply follow the maintenance log.

    Best regards.

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    But, I like it too!
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    Thinking philosophically about this, it has been a major goal of all the automakers to widen the maintenance intervals and, to the extent feasible, build a car that doesn't require anything but oil changes and tires during its first 6-7 years.

    The extent to which they have been able to achieve this is, strictly from a standpoint of engineering, remarkable. Socially though it has hastened the overall loss of interest in cars. I think that the trend toward independent repair shops being replaced by dealerships and large corporate and franchise repair operations, where you talk to a "service adviser" not a mechanic, has accelerated the loss of interest in maintenance, because "service advisers" both under- and over- recommend preventative maintenance depending on what makes them money.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pikey View Post
    I have a few family members and friends that do absolutely no maintenance on their vehicles. (other than occasional oil changes). They always complain when a brake job cost them $400-$500 because they need rotors, calipers, and pads.
    I now routinely replace rotors, calipers, and hoses at every brake job. With the road salt I've had too many problems with calipers sticking, and given the hassle and expense of having rotors turned and uncertain results vs. the relatively low cost of replacement I don't think there's any juice in reusing them. I don't think there's any way around this through more frequent maintenance.

    I have a friend that bought a car new and never did anything other than oil changes. After 2 years she had to put front tires on it. The next year she put rears on it. She never rotated them so now she needs fronts again.
    On a 4x4, of course, you have to replace tires in sets of 4 or 5 and you have to rotate.

    With 2wd cars the benefits of rotation are less clear because there's no real penalty for replacing tires on just one axle.

    Another friend had new tires put on his car a year ago. He kept having rim leak issues, so the tire shop convinced him that he needed new rims because the rust was causing "micro perforations", so he bought factory rims and new tires for the car. Then complained that he spent over $1000 in a year and wants to trade it in because it has 90,000 miles on it. (Oh No!) I do not understand how people think that they can just drive and never do anything to maintain their vehicle. It drives me nuts. Don't change spark plugs, buy a new car! My brakes squeak, oh well, It still stops. I just changed plugs out on a 08 explorer with 180,000 miles. The plugs were never changed before. (I was worried about pulling a @Conlan Rose ,broken plug!lol) The specified gap was .050-.052, My gap gauge goes to .095 and the gap on the removed plugs was larger than that. The electrodes were eroded to sharp pointy knife edges. The owner asked me to do a trans service. I told him no way. It was never done before I am not touching it now. I just don't get how people think that cars are like razors, disposable. Either they have the money to waste on a new car every few years or they just don't care. I had a another friend who sold his car that was 6 years old with 80,000 miles because the fuel pump went out. (the theory was, when one thing goes everything starts going) He practically paid the shop to take the car off his hands. The shop still uses it as a loaner car 5 years later! Sorry about the rant, I have just seen so much of this in the last 2 weeks.
    The main thing I agree with here is that there is a great deal of folklore out there and people don't really understand the tradeoff between maintenance and replacement. I believe that the root cause is the shortage of truly trustworthy shops that people who have little or no understanding of cars can rely upon for maintenance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealOne View Post
    This is so true. I need to meet a woman like Kady or Amac or GMCErica -- i.e. one who understands maintenance, is ok with a boy spending time in the garage doing boy things (at least she'd know where I am, right?!), and most of all, doesn't make her own 'bad luck'.
    We are a rare bread my friend! And most guys that meet girls like us, they don't know what to do with or how to handle us... haha.
    00 Chevy Tahoe LT, 5.3 4x4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kady View Post
    We are a rare bread my friend! And most guys that meet girls like us, they don't know what to do with or how to handle us... haha.
    Yes. Yes, you are.

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    But fortunately, I have a boyfriend who knows how to handle me. But I'm ashamed to say, sometimes I know more than him about his own truck. :-/ Although, he's not afraid to ask me my opinions and what I think about each situation. He's usually good about fixing something when its broken, but sometimes had too much in his head from work to always remember the maintenance.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealOne View Post
    Yes. Yes, you are.
    I try to educate some of the girls i know, and to teach them about stuff... But I while i talk/explain/show, they have shopping in the back of their minds.

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    There are always going to be people who don't do maintenance on their cars and trade them in 60,000 miles later, having never changed the oil. So what? You have no control over other people, places or things so why let it bother you?
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    I've been fortunate to be able to afford new trucks rather than having to buy somebody's problems.

    I change the oil at 1000 miles (break in) and ever 5K with Mobil 1 5-30 and I ALWAYS use an AC Delco oil filter. Frams oil filters are JUNK. I then change the other fluids/items as they need to be changed:

    Differential - 50K
    Auto trans - 75K
    Coolant - 75K
    Brake fluid - 75K
    Power steering fluid - I just suck out the reservoir every year and fill it back up.
    Spark plugs - 75K
    Clean the K&N every 20K miles.
    Rotate tires front to back every 6K miles.

    Front brakes on the Silverado are easy to change, the rear drums can usually last ~100K miles then I take them to a brake shop (I don't get along with drum brakes).

    Heck I used to have a 2001 Explorer that gave me no problems, and that was a Ford.

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