I threw this question out in the general tech section during a rant, but would like some more guidance.

I'm looking for a tuner, programmer, prom pak, chip - whatever they're called now. I put a Hypertech 'chip' in my '89 Sierra years ago, and always liked it. Now I'm looking to upgrade my '99 Suburban, specifically for towing power/torque. I'll get the Mustang out if I'm feeling frisky...

I looked at Hypertech Max Energy (32500), Superchips Flashpaq/Cortex (2865/2950), and the Edge EvoHT (26050). I'm not well versed in this stuff, and the truck is right at the cusp of the body/drivetrain changes, so the results I've found are a little confusing. What are your suggestions?

I don't have a smartphone, or a need for ipod hookups, or a movie player. Something simple that I can plug in and select a tune. That said, I do like the idea of seeing tranny temp or calibrating for larger tires.

I see that Superchips is a vendor on GMTC, and I'm leaning towards the Flashpaq; so, ya know, a little input?

Thanks gang,

1999 K2500 Chevy Suburban base, 350 5.7 Vortec, 4L80E, 4:10 locker, K&N in 'stock' box, cat-back Thrush turbos.