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Thread: oil changes ??

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    Default oil changes ??

    how often do you change your oil??? do you do the old fasfion 3000 mile oil change (this is what i do always have and hard to beleave i should wait longer) or a higher miliage ???or when the change oil system tells you to ??? i just found this web site and realy have a hard time beleaveing its a myth


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    I have to agree with that link you posted. Go by what the recommended time/mileage is. For your vehicle. If it has the oil change light, go by that unless the oil looks real dark real quickly.

    My vehicles go at least 5K before changes.

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    I use Mobil 1 and change mine every 5K miles unless I'm doing a lot of towing.
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    It really is a myth that conventional oil needs to be changes by 3000 miles THESE days. Way back when it was true as the quality of the oil detergents and oil itself was not as good. These days you can go 5000-7500 on premium conventional oil although I would go no further and if running past 5K I would consider oil analysis. While the vehicle is under factory warranty however it is a moot point. You go by the owner's manual and change it by the schedule they give you. If it is 3K you do it then period even though the oil could go longer. If it says 5K or 7500 in the manual the same applies = you do it by then. Or, as with GM and some other mfg's, you can go by the OLM if your vehicle is so equipped.

    Synthetic oil is another story and 3K is nothing to a synthetic in a healthy engine. But, as I said above, you have to go by the mfg's requirements while under warranty even if using a synthetic which is good for longer. I run full synthetic oil in my vehicles( Royal Purple ). I change every 5K as the guy above talks of. I have never kept a vehicle I bought brand new past warranty expiration so I have never gone longer. Were I to do so, or when I use it in a used vehicle, I will go upwards of 10K with a filter change and top off in there. If I had any intentions of going longer I would definitely do an oil analysis. I don't care how long a mfg says their oil is good for you get it checked regularly once you reach 10K unless you are a gambling man/woman.

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    this is something i still arguing in my head with a few different enginers, so here is my take. if there is an oil anylizer i allow it to do its job and let me know when the oil needs to be changed i still follow the time and swap reguardless of the milage. if there is no on board tester i use the 3000 mile for oil and filter.....mike
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    I have been going with the "oil life meter" on my '04 and using Mobil 1. On my last oil change, I switched to Royal Purple. It suggests to change only the filter (add a quart) at 4000 mile intervals until it gets to 12000 miles, then change oil and filter. It costs a little more than Mobil 1, but I will try it.

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