@dobey I believe you are right in saying that the automakers cheap out. Most automakers don't use the same engine in Europe as they do in the US because the EU motor can't meet EPA regulations and requirements.

Personally I have found that my 96' gets much better mileage with pure 87 regular unleaded. The 10% ethanol mix used here in CT and neighboring NY hurts my mpg and my truck doesn't run as smooth. My truck has ran most of its life on the 10% blend, but the few times I've gone to VT where they don't have the 10% ethanol and used it in the truck the truck has run so much better and gained 1-2 mpg. Same goes for my mom's 2009 Subaru Forester, using CT gas it gets 26-28 hwy using the VT gas it gets 30-32 hwy.

Engines built to run on ethanol most likely don't have as much of a problem. In the 90's the engines weren't built for ethanol as much as they are now. @barefoot greg I can't believe you put blend in that Nova... Hope it didn't hurt it.

It is possible that these reporters have their facts wrong, just remember they don't write the stories.