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    Windmills and solar was a lot of what I was talking about with billions to prop up an industry, but ethanol was heavily subsidized initially, and no conspiracy theories here (wasn't trying for a full on rant in my previous post and was generally speaking). I don't like farm subsidies either (I also believe in a flat tax with no deductions if you really want to know). The EPA is the govt but we could go for days talking about all the different govt agencies though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsfloyd View Post
    If a better solution was available that was cheaper and yet could make a business plenty of money it wouldn't need to be forced by the govt.
    You seem to underestimate just how stupid and gullible the majority of the American populace is. People don't know what the right thing to buy/do is, because the education system in this country doesn't teach people to think for themselves, or to examine things fully. With the constant flood of advertisements being pushed on Americans, not by government, but by those corporations you seem to trust more, and media outlets like Fox News, CNN, etc… now constantly pushing misinformation without any actual research, it's no wonder the world is going to hell in a hand basket. These people sure as hell need someone to think for them, since they can't do it themselves. If it's McDonald's doing their thinking, rather than the gov't, then all they're going to get is fat. We're already one of the fattest countries in the world, so I guess we're already on track for that.

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    Bringing E15 to the market without adequate safeguards does not responsibly meet the needs of consumers.E15 strongly responsible for vehicle damage.Higher blend ethanol effect the fuel system,engine.Consumers should carefully read pump labels and know their auto manufacturer's recommendations to help prevent any problems from E15.warning to consumer avoid use of E15 for better vehicle performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marksoldtowne View Post
    Consumers should carefully read pump labels and know their auto manufacturer's recommendations to help prevent any problems
    This is the core of the problem, right here. It has nothing to do with what ethanol mixes are available or not. People are ignorant. They don't read the owner manuals for their cars, or even the basic in-your-face stuff, when doing simple tasks, like filling up gas. They just want to buy the cheapest thing on the pump and put it in the car. They don't care what it is, or if it's right for the engine. This is why people dump 85-87 octane gas in cars that require 91 or higher octane all the time, or even in diesel cars.

    Heck, one day I was waiting on my truck in the dealer service lounge, and the show "Cake Boss" was running in some marathon on the TV. Something had to be delivered all the way to Florida I think, from NYC, and the one kid was put in charge. They made it all the way down, and part of the way back, the kid was an idiot and filled the truck's tank with gas instead of diesel.

    People just don't take time to think about what they're doing, or how to properly care for their cars any more. They don't check fluid levels, or even know how to check the oil for wear. They just buy a car, drive it until it breaks down, and then act so surprised when something costs them a crazy amount of money to fix, due to their own wilful ignorance of it.

    Whether E-15 goes to market or not, isn't going to help that problem at all. Or even hurt it. Like the old saying goes… stupid is as stupid does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marksoldtowne View Post
    Bringing E15 strongly responsible for vehicle damage.
    Evidence please? Not anecdotal "my cousin tried it and screwed up their engine" type of stuff either. There has been extensive testing done by the Renewable Fuels Association that has not shown any major problems with E15. Sure, there is a lot of paranoia and old wives tales to go around. But no one has produced statistical data that has been researched and confirmed as to any problems with E15. Now, this could be a problem for your 1973 Chevy Nova, but anything made in the last 10 years is not going to die a renewable fuel death. But, we are all open to seeing the evidence to the contrary. You know.... something from MIT, Texas A&M, etc.......
    Hey there, VA, what do ya' say? How many vets did you kill today?

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