Thank you all for the pics and info, Being that its January and I live in Connecticut, I will wait until it warms to do any upgrades on my truck. I can't fit in the garage and work on it comfortably. I haven't done anything with the battery issue, I have been careful to not sit too long and charge my laptop unless running the engine. I do think the factory battery isn't the best to begin with so may just install 1 new interstate mega-tron plus. I may do a duel battery install not sure yet. I was always told when doing a duel install to put 2 new batteries that are identical. I am not the best with electrical but want my truck not to die so easily again. May install in series, may install parallel, just want it to work and not have to pop the hood and play with wires since I will likely have a dead battery when its cold and dark out lol.