Here is the February 2013 ROTM Nomination's thread. Let's get started nominating some of our members' great trucks and SUVs! PLEASE upload/paste a picture of the nominee so others can see. Additionally, you are welcome to nominate your own ride.

Please review this thread regarding nomination rules, policies, and procedures.

So we can launch the ROTM on time (February 1st), this nomination thread will close on January 25th, 2013. This should provide ample time to notify and collect information from the four members that will be entered into the competition.

Lastly, I will be away from the Forum for about a month starting in mid-January, thus @99'HEARTBEAT will be handling February's and possibly March's ROTM. Please direct all ROTM questions/comments/concerns to him from January 15th until I return in mid-February.

Thanks everyone!