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    Default Electrical issue?

    Hey guys, whats the best way to test the electrical system on my 94k1500. I have been noticing that when I have all my accessories on (defroster-full blast, headlights, and radio) my amps gauge is close to 9 when it should run around 14. When I brake or use my blinkers, its goes even lower. I have a brand new battery (3 months) and my alternator test positive. Any suggestions?

    Also, I dont know if this is electrical related, but my horn sounds weak. Its a very low pitch sound. When I honk the horn, its drops my amps as well.
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    You are either putting to much draw on the electrical system or the electrical system is not working at peak efficiency Are all your connections to the battery and alt tight and sound. How old is the alt and what amperage? Is the connections to the under hood fuse box all good? All I know is there isn't enough power flowing through your system.

    I have never had a problem with this even when the running blower at max, rear defrost on, all lights on, radio blaring and the truck only at idle in the cold. Btw it is a voltmeter not a amp gauge. It detects the overall voltage of the system. At any point below 12.6 the battery light usually comes on.

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    @Conlan Rose pretty much covered everything I'd have considered asking/saying.

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    The alternator keeps the battery charged and under "normal" conditions, provides the electrical needs of the truck.

    The role of the battery (after starting the engine) is to provide a power reserve when the alternator can not provide sufficient power.

    To accomplish the above, all connections must be clean and tight.

    Your description makes me suspect the new battery; however, that's just a guess without test data. You need to have the battery and the alternator load tested.

    BTW, the gauge in the dash reads volts, not amps, not a big thing, but good to have the right terms when you talk to a shop about the lead testing. Good luck

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    Thanks guys, learning as i go!

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    It was a ground. The one right next to my battery. Still going to get a load test done. My truck being this old, I would rather find out if something is wrong now, then find out the hard way. That am I am kind of a rookie when it comes to anything electrical related, lol

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    If you still have the same symptoms after fixing the ground and having everything load tested, I'd say you simply need a larger alternator. My two cents.
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    Update: It was the alternator. Had it tested and they said whenever i am driving the alternator is charging but when I stop, thats when it fail. Should explain why it feels like it wants to stall out when I am stopped. I have a lifetime warranty on the alternator from Auto Zone, so should be a quick fix. However, I just need the weather to work in my favor.

    Once again, thanks for all the help and/or suggestions.

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