The 4.3 is a great engine when taken care of but honestly alittle long in the tooth. They are reliable and almost bullet proof but thats about it. When the 4.8 came out they were getting close to the same mpg with the v8 having more power. Thats why gm waited until now to update it because unless it was a fleet or wt people went with the 4.8. Dont get me wrong i love the 4.3 and for a long time it was the best full size v6 but shes going on 30 years. Reasons why i wouldnt buy an audi, sure there are fast and have gadgets but after a few ticks on the odometer they develop permanent probs thats multiply. Rather have reliability over power.

That being said the new one is the same story basically, same as the new gen v (?) v8s missing 2 cylinders. But the new guys are all direct injected and after seeing that 3.6 monster they have im painfully waiting to drive one. Still pushrod though so prob high 200's.