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    Default Wandering 'Burban

    My 2002 'Burban LT 4wd has been wandering all over the road for a while now. Checked out the front suspension and steering, ended up replacing the pittman arm, idler arm, and idler arm bracket. All the other ball joints, tie rods, etc. ok. Had it re-aligned. Got better, but not 100% fixed. Tires were shot, put new ones on, got better, but still not 100% fixed.

    Now I'm thinking of replacing the rear suspension bushings. Anybody out there done that? Need any special tools? How hard is it? ("that's what she said")

    Or if you have any other ideas on what could be the problem... please let me know...
    '02 'Burban LT 4wd w/2013 Z71 18" wheels

    Lightly Modded '99 Regal GS

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    What exactly do you mean by "all over the road?" Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated as well, because that's a commonly overlooked problem... How about your shocks? Are they the original?
    00 Chevy Tahoe LT, 5.3 4x4

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    agree... check your tire pressures first. i dont care if they were just put on, people still screw up. and new/better shocks could make a massive improvement. also if the roads you drive on are crappy, then your trucks gonna handle crappy.
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    Do you have a rag joint or is it eliminated going to the steering gearbox from the steering wheel shaft?
    What do you have in your garage?
    02 Burb Z71/97 Blazer LT
    Nuttin but bowties!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Joshua T

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