Made my decision (at least until I change my mind again).

But I think I'm going to go back to the black grille (Personally I think it would make my blue bow-tie pop more, and will go good with the black accessories I've added, i.e wheels, lights) and get the 20" rigid light! Really glad you guys pointed me in that direction, thanks so much. It probably wont be until the summer until everything happens, I'm going to save up and do a few things

Along with the light bar, I'm going to get the smoked tail lights that I posted earlier from Recon. Also going to do a set of gibson headers, de-mold (possible de-badge..still undecided), and go with some n-fab bed access steps - -

I'll keep you guys updated along the way! Going to get some new tires this spring - that's number one priority....thinking Toyo Mt's.

Thanks again for all the help, and Surreal, let me know how you like your lights when you get them installed!

-- Laserblue