I have a three month old 2013 GMC Sierra ext. cab, long bed that I love but I'm having a problem with the remote start. I set the heating system to windshield and about 65* temp before I shut down and plug in the block heater for the night. Next motning I het the door lock button then the start button and she cranks right up but sometimes the heater fails to come on so I insert the key and turn it to the run position then the heater system works as advertised. Sometimes it DO and sometimes it DON"T ???
Also the fog lights SUCK ! I've replaced the lamps with the yellow iodized bulbs bur have no improvement whatever. This is my 3rd Sierra and have always replaced the factory fog bulbs with something better with great results but these lamps just don't have a good distance or periphial coverage ?? Any suggestions for either problem ?? THX; 767 driver