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    Angry '01 Silverado 2500HD No Start/Stall

    Hi! I have an 01 Silverado 2500 HD (with a plow set up, 160 amp alternator and extra battery we put on) that we recently purchased. It has 109K on it. The check engine light starts to flash after driving for about 5 mins. We have a friend with a scanner who has scanned it several times. First, coil packs 1, 5, 6 and 8 were coming up as random misfires. We replaced the first coil pack, thinking the misfire was cause the rest of them to try to compensate for the first misfire. The light continued to flash and the scanner keeps coming up the same as coil packs 1, 5, 6, and 8 as bad, when we know they are not, (yes he cleared the memory). Then the truck started to stall and not start, so we replaced the spark plugs to see if it was the spark. This seemed to help with the truck not starting, but the light is still flashing. When we have our plow on it, not plowing, you can clearly hear a spark knock... as soon as we take the plow off, it stops spark knocking. Its been running fine with the light flashing until today. It stalled out of nowhere and wouldn't start unless you hold the gas down, at which point it would start and then immediately stall. Its getting spark, fuel pump is working fine. So, we again had it scanned. This time, the temp sensor seems to have gone bad as the truck was ready -32 degrees (it is not that cold outside)... About 45 mins later it started up and ran, but its running really really rough. I think we may have flooded it out with the injectors dumping fuel in to compensate for misread temperature. I have had nothing but problems out of this truck since I bought it 2 months ago. We are currently replacing the temp sensor, but I know that is not going to fix the unexplained spark knock or the fact the coil packs are still coming up as bad. My father, an ASE certified mechanic thinks it could be a computer problem but more likely bad wiring or a bad ground. Is anyone else out there having these issues with this truck? And advice one what it could possibly be? I'm at my wits end with this thing!! I have driven Chevy all of my life, but this is getting ridiculous! Please help!!

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    We just finished replacing the temp sensor... still isn't running right.
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    Well my suggestion would be now look for a computer problem.

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    What are the number codes it is throwing (Pxxxx)? It seems like a power problem in the electrical system. Where are the pump electrical hookup connected? How was the extra battery wired? It seems somebody did some rooting around with wires and thats what is causing these problems.
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    post the dtc failure codes. post the fuel pressure engine on and off.

    if the temp sensor is open it will indicate -40 deg f.

    the batteries are grounded at the same exact bolt correct ?

    random missfires p0300 is a good indicator of a lean condition vacuum leak/intake manifold , low fuel pressure. could also be damage converters/excessive exhaust back pressures.

    coil packs are normally not an issue. dirty injectors are common with fuel filters pluging up and alcohol fuels ...

    good luck .. these vehicles are not that hard to fix.

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