On Facebook, a friend of mine posted that he was looking for new tires for his wife's Jeep. He wanted to find the best deals, and was asking for recommendations... Well, someone responded with a place that sells "retreaded" tires. Curious about it, I started looking through and seeing what they had...

So, my question is :

A) Have you used or purchased a retreaded tire in the past?

B) If you have, did you have any problems with it? Or do you think it was a good deal?

C) If you haven't, would you consider them? Do you think they're safe?

Any input is greatly appreciated. I'm about a month away from buying new tires, and the tires I usually buy cost about $210 each. But the no name retreaded brand, with the exact same tread as the tires I have now, they're about $100 less each tire.