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    Default 2004 Silverado - HELP Replacing Driver side WINDOW REGULATOR

    About 2 months ago my drivers side window (all of a sudden) stopped rolling down and there was a crunching sound when i pressed the down button.
    I was doing research online and talked with a few people who told me it sounded like a window regulator needing replacement.

    So i purchased a new window regulator with the motor online, I went to install it today and I had some trouble figuring out how to remove the original
    regulator and motor.

    Can anyone tell me how to remove and replace this regulator and put the window back in the new one.

    My window will not roll down and I can't get it down manually.

    Any info would be very appreciated.


    j. barringer

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    eas' bum fuk, maine


    remove door panel

    inspect bottom of window (from in side the door), see if you can access the bolts that pinch the class to the regulator

    tape window to door frame so window wont fall and remove bolts from window

    find the 4 or more bolts that hold the window regulator and motor to the door and remove

    unplug motor

    manipulate the regulator so it will lay parelle with the ground inside the door and remove through the opening.

    installed in reverse order

    with new regulator installed, "raise" the regualator using the window button untill it comes in contact with the glass and you can installed the two bolts

    reinstalled door panel.

    - - - Updated - - -

    quick youtube search found me this:

    seeings how your window wont move your going to have to do some figuring out for yourself on that one but it will be doable no doubt.
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    This 1A Auto video is exactly how I replaced my window Regulator a couple months ago.... It really is easy...
    00 Chevy Tahoe LT, 5.3 4x4

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    It really is pretty straight forward, though removing the door panel for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Just make sure you get all the screws off before popping the panel off. You might break a few clips, but those are not a big deal and easily replaceable. Good luck and have fun.
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