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    Default My Sounds/ Custom Instal

    Alright, I've been motivated to take a few pics of what I have hidden in my truck. Originally, i had these subs in the trunk of a car and loved them... went out bought the truck and wanted to stuff them in the back. Well, they make premade boxes to fit tiny little 10' week cheepy subs under the seats of the Crew Cab Silverado's but that was not enough for me. I wanted hard hitting quality subs like the ones I had already. Anyway, that was a difficult task and no one wanted to help me out. My solution was to raise the back seats 1.5 inches so that I can get the propper depth for the subs and get the right amount of airspace. To do this I had to cut the factory seat bolts in half, get a nut that was 1.5' tall, screw rethread into that to make the existing bolt longer. Then I made aluminum blocks to fit snugly around that so that the seats had a sturdy/ safe base to sit on.

    Anyway, then it was off to get the custom fiberglass box to fit in TWO Kicker 10' L7's that are capable of pushing 700w a piece.

    Before all this I had the entire truck Dino-matted so that I dont have the getto rattle when my sereo is pushing serious volume. All 4 doors, the roof, the floor, rear wall and the fire wall got some matting, which also reduces the road noise from my big tires.

    My favorite thing about my stereo system is that Window Shoppers taking a peek wouldnt even know that all this has been done. Everything but the head unit (kenwood DVD/NAV) looks stock.

    Curious Onlookers See nothing

    My door speakers are FOCAL K2 series
    ~Fronts are 6.5'
    ~Rear are 5.25'

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    06' Silverado Crew Cab 1500
    Volant Air Intake, 3 Chamber Flowmaster,
    3' pipes dumped before the rear axle,
    20' MOTO METAL Wheels, Loud Loud System!!
    and a Semper Fi sticker on the back.

    And much more to come...

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    Subs and midrange speakers are powered by two AUDISON LRx series Amps
    ~1.1k which pushes about 1100 watts at a 1 ohm load
    ~4.1k putting just over 200 watts a channel

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    All this is fronted by a Kenwood DNX 7100
    ~In dash DVD/NAV
    ~Also connected is my 80gig Ipod stuffed with all kinds of goodies.


    And of Course the DVD "KILL BILL VOL 1"

    Since I have nothing better to do than spend $$$ on this truck the head reast DVD screens will be added shortly after the Headers and Superchip Power Programmer.

    Of course the pics will follow shortly.
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    That is sweet. Like the way you done the amps. Thats clean and out of sight.

    2004 Tahoe (wifes)
    2004 Silverado 2500HD Duramax
    1997 Chevy Z-71
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    yea... about those amps.. how did u mount them like that? pretty freak'n fresh!

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    They are screwed into the back wall and then you get some wood to make the cover for it. We just measured it to fit the back wall perfectly, cut out holes for the amps to sit in it flush, carpeted the whole thing, and hid all the wiring behind it. Anyway, I just noticed that the pics of my sub's didnt show up

    Here are the subs under the back seat:

    The back seats also had to be slightly modified. If you flip the seats I took out the carpeting undernieth since there is a 5' gap between the actual seat/springs and the fabric so that I can get even more space for the box. Hopefully that made sense... anyway... There it is!

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    Very nice. I need to upgrade my generic sub woofers. Whats the model number on those Kickers, and would you say there good?

    2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 2WD EXT Cab
    4.3L V6 Vortec, K&N Drop-In, Flowmaster Super 44,
    3" Exhaust tip, 22" Boss #331 Rims, Clifford 50.5x Alarm,
    Escalade Gauges, DJM Leveling Kit, Billet grill, All JL Audio Speakers,
    300XD MTX amp, Two 10" Alpine SWE-1042 subs

    -Check out my photo album!

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    very nice very nice.... those kickers are great subs by the way
    95 GMC Sierra 2500
    3" Body Lift, 33" Goodyear MTR's
    5.7L 350 TBI Edelbrock SDT Exhaust, Flowtech Headers, K&N Intake
    Sold :(
    1999 Jeep Cherokee, 3" Rustys lift, 33" BFG MT's, locked, armored: Rolled :(
    2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. K&N Intake, Custom Kolak Exhaust

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    Quote Originally Posted by no0b123 View Post
    Very nice. I need to upgrade my generic sub woofers. Whats the model number on those Kickers, and would you say there good?
    Just ask for KICKER L7's and they will know what you are talking about.

    Try gonig to for more info. You can also put in your zip code to find out where you can purchase Kicker products near you.

    I personally LOVE these things; however, I have had Rockford Fosgate before and they were pretty awesome too. With subs, dont go cheap, you will just blow them and have to buy new ones and nothing beats the sound quality of a good sub. It doesnt matter if you listen to ROCK, COUNTRY, RAP, JAZZ, whatever, the sound quality is awesome.

    Ask around because just like brands of cars, people prefer different things.

    I like these because you dont need a huge box for airspace, although the more the better, and they are as shallow in depth as they can be for the amount of power they put out. That way you can have a little bit easier time stuffing them into a truck.

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    I like my JL Audio 10W6. It's a small sub with a factory reccomended tiny box, and it can run 500 watts RMS with awesome quality sound. For amps, I go with nothing but Clif Designs. Little known company, but in my opinion, they are the Linksys of the car audio world. In my car, I run a Clif amp and a pair of Sony xplod 10s which sound pretty good, not terrific, but for 100 bucks for the pair of subs and the box, you can't beat it...

    1991 Chevy Suburban 1/2 ton 2WD w/ chevy SBC 350-3/4 ton drivetrain upgrade w/4.10 gears 200K miles
    2005 Saturn ION-2 Stock 277K miles
    1982 Bronco, 1993 Bronco (sold), 1971 M35A2 Deuce and a Half

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