01 Silverado w/ 5.3 ltr @ 100,043 miles

How can I do locate worn bearing noise in my P/S Pump, Belt Idler Pully or a Water Pump ?

I'm getting weird (whirrrrrrrrrrr) noise that sounds like metal grinding with the truck in park and the engine @ idle and sometimes when driving. Engine bay is super clean, fluids always topped off when checked hot & cold no signs of leaks in my driveway . The noise was very faint when 1st noticed about a week ago but now it's louder even when driving the truck but it's not continuous and come & goes. 1 thing I have noticed is

2-3 days a week normally @ startup in the morning the power steering is a little stiff when I pull out of my driveway making a right turn. This normally happens 1st thing in the morning and only last 5-10 seconds and don't return until maybe the next morning. Power Steering Fliuid is clean and topped off.

Any ideas or thoughts how to fix ?????