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    Default Rescuing 62belair tips

    I found an ad for a 62 Chevy belair for $800. The car ran when parked but has sit for years. I'm know its not going to fire up and drive away but what would I need to do besides a tune up to maybe get it running? I haven't seen the car in person yet does have surface rust in pic & I'll need to check for rot. Owner said the car is mostly complete maybe missing a few things. I've seen one of these cars done and I really like their look. What's everyone's opinion on the ability to get it driving fairly easly. If it ran and I could drive it I can live with the rest of it coming together slowly but I don't want yard decorations lol
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    $800 and comes with a engine core, how can you go wrong? Was it stored inside or out? (Check frame)
    Buy Made in USA, The job you save just might be your own.

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    Wish it was a barn find but it has been sitting out. Looks like the grass under the car is dead. It's a 6cyl car. I forgot the older cars had frames and not a unibody yet. Any other specific areas to Check? I know floor pans trunk floor and quarter panels. I'm hoping its a solid car needing a little tlc to be a good crewzer

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    1- Check all the fluids for color and smell. Engine oil, engine anti Freeze, Trans Fluid/oil, axle oil, gas.

    2- Check the carb and air cleaner for bird and rodent nests, (I recently found a field mouse nest inside the intake runners on an older garage stored vehicle I was buying).

    3- Check under the dash and hood for bare wires and bad connections, rodents love to chew on wires.

    4- Disconnect the fuel line at the engine and if possible use vacuum to suck any fuel out of the tank, (a brake system bleeder does a great job at this) afterwards you might even drop in a gallon of fresh fuel and suck it through the system to flush it. Note if your getting any rust deposits with the fuel, if you are you might need to use a separate fuel can to start the engine.

    5- Change the fuel filter after removing all the old fuel.

    6- If the engine has oil in it turn the engine over, preferably by hand with the spark plugs removed to ensure its free and nothings locked up, but you can also connect a good battery and use the starter. Make sure you have the distributor cap and the oil filler cap off so the engine wont prematurely start and you can observe the rotor button to ensure the rotor is turning and hopefully see oil pumping through the engine.

    If the engine turns freely and everything else is workable hook everything back up and give it a try.

    A 62 Belaire in drivable but unrestored condition with a good title can net as much as $3500 depending on the amount of corrosion. Parts are readily available for restoration.
    For the last few years I've been running a classic car locating buisness brokering classic cars for people that want one but dont know how to find what they want and we've been having many of our clients specifically request 6cyl vehicles. People are finding out the only vehicles available that havent been restored and destroyed again are 6cyl vehicles.
    If your desire is for a V8 car it can be converted easily, but for people that simply want an old cruiser their willing to pay out almost as much as a V8 car if it's in decent condition.
    Many parts like floor pans and trunk pans are available for replacement and with a little welding and fab skill they cna be replaced in a weekend.
    Good luck, sounds like this will be a neat project.

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    Its been sitting around, your fluids will be crap. Everything that is a consumable is crap. But $800 is a good starting point.

    Plan on at a minimum
    - New Brake Lines
    - New fuel tank or before you do anything with it get a coating kit that will clean and coat it if there are no major holes.
    - brakes
    - tires (I don't care how good they look stored over 3 years they need replacing)
    - gaskets/seals (even if they seem good today's gas will eat the older ones up. (same might go for any rubber fuel hoses)


    If the frame and main body are good you are good. The rest will fall into place.

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    I'm on my phone and not sure how to post pictures I do have the picture of this car and another one that sold locally for $3500 it was a runing and driving painted flat black. So if I was to shell out the $800 maybe less since that's asking price drag it home put it through the test to find out the worst case. Would I be able to get at least what I paid for if its over my head and budget? They said the car is mostly complete looks like the two center headlights are gone they didnt mention the interior condition. the owner is one of those dont waste my time kinda people so trying to get some info on what i should look for and ask before contacting them. I like the sound of a v8 with a good exhaust but I'm thinking the 6er would be nice for driving arround. I figured the tires are dry rotted but wasn't thinking about the fuel brake lines or tank.

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    Depends on how much you can/will do on it yourself. Also depends on the price of parts you get if you get $1400 wheels and tires you have eaten a bunch from your budget right there.

    A lot of times you can find a v8 in junk yards on wrecks vehicles for cheap. If you can weld normally you can fabricate your own mounts etc. but if you pay someone that would be a 2-3k investment.

    Kits for fuel tanks are not expensive, your brake lines might be ok i just always go into cars like that budgeting they will be bad.

    You might find you just need plugs, cleaning, tires and changing brake pads and only be out 1k total. Missing parts however could be an issue like hard to find light frames, etc. I'd find out what else "mostly complete" means.

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    We are waiting.. you should know.. Sounds like a great find with a little bit of Winter work if you have the space..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enkeiavalanche View Post
    We are waiting.. you should know.. Sounds like a great find with a little bit of Winter work if you have the space.. the signs.......Brian
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    tbplus10 has some very good suggestions and I would do that at a minimum before driving it but that will require alot of time and work in somebody elses yard. If it is not to far from home then consider ponying up for a flat bed ride back to your place or rent or borrow a car trailer.
    2000 GMC YUKON SLT, 5.3L tow pkg, G80 rear/w 3.73 gear

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