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Are you part of the latest generation of people that treats almost everything as if it is disposable? If not, then I'd think you'd want GM to keep rather than dispose of the Corvette's heritage lines.

GM can call something a Corvette all they like but if people don't see the lineage or like it ... it won't sell.
Looking at the 2014 Corvette I don't see that GM is abandoning the Corvette's heritage. Do you want the 2014 Corvette to have a carburetor and chrome side pipes?

Automobiles evolve. The 2013 Silverado bears little resemblance to say a 1971 Silverado, but yet it is accepted and people call it a Silverado.

The current generation of Corvette while powerful, overcame its short comings with sheer brute force. I've sat in quite a few of the current generation Corvettes and while they are cool, the interiors are somewhat primitive looking and lack in the fit and finish of a car costing $70K or greater.

The 2014 Corvette hopefully will address a lot of the short comings of the current generation and make the car truly world class.