Kind of curiuos if anyone has an opinion on the assault rifle ban just passed by lawmakers in NY. I own an assault rifle that I purchased from an individual about 4 years ago. Now the new law requires me to register it with the government. I can not sell the gun now unless a background check is done on who im selling it to. Also the new law requires me to recertify my pistol permit every 5 years. I guess I dont care about the pistol permit but to make me an instant criminal with my assault rifle is just wrong. Regardless if they give me a certain amount of time to register the AR I still feel that my rights are being violated. I agree with some of the law regarding the mental health backround check items but a lot of this law, from what I am hearing, was pushed through in the dark. Meaning that most of the votes on the law was not given time to even look it over. Normally there is a 3 day comment period and the governor decided that was a bad idea as the gun dealers were packed with purchases of the guns effected. All I can say is if they try to come and take my guns.... they can have them bullets first.