Guns don't kill people.....people kill people. If you don't address the mental health issue and the back round checks needed to get a firearm, then there will be more deaths.

I have a permit to own here in NJ (strict gun laws here), and personally, I feel that no one "needs" an assault rifle. The constitution made it clear in my opinion that the people shall have the right to bear arms against any invader foreign or domestic, which meant that if the government decided to come after the people, the people have the right to defend themselves or if someone breaks into your house, you have the right to defend your family and property.

Back in the days of the constitution, there was no shoprite or foodlion to shop at. You HAD TO KILL YOUR FOOD...,anyway, think you have it bad, here in NJ, if someone breaks into your house, you have to leave to get away from them instead of defending yourself. If they get hurt, your legally is that right!!!