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Quick list of problems I had:

Front Diff bearing at 29k miles $1200
Drivers side window regulator 37k miles $65 (ebay) Dealer wanted close to $200
Interior slide for moonroof flew out the window at 40k miles $???? never replaced
Driverside Wheel bearing at 51k miles $75 parts (did myself)
Power steering pump at 57k miles $85 parts (did myself)
3rd Brake light quit working at 60k miles (still doesnt work sshhhh dont tell my annual inspector guy)
Drivers side mirror filled with water and quit dimming/heating replaced with a used at $85 (Ebay)
Transmision overhaul and lines at 69k miles $2100
Instrument cluster (Spedo Quit) $175 Labor parts covered by Cadillac
Passenger side window regulator at 71k miles $65 (ebay)
Oil cooler lines replaced at 73k miles $60 Autozone
Rear passenger door regulator at 74k miles $65 (Ebay)
Instrument Cluster Tachometer quit 8 months after replaced (Still doesnt work)
Vent Selonoid replaced (for emisions) at 75k miles

this is just off the top of my head, Im sure theres more. Now if the truck had 100k miles plus I could see most of these things but this is rediculous. Probably why they should discontinue.

WOW I am sorry did you buy it new?