Hello to y'all from "Little Texas", also known as Alberta, Canada. I've plundered this site since '09 for tips and tricks, but never really did an intro or any such thing. I now have an avatar/pic that shows my beast hidden away nicely at a campsite I try for every year.

It has to have been several years since I last posted, because my search for myself comes up empty, although my login still works from 4 years ago. I know I was pointed in the direction of bad grounds back in the day, and it took my friendly neighborhood backyard mechanic to find the poor ground hidden behind the water pump.

And after all of that mess I've graduated from camping in a tent to an air mattress in the back of The Bourbon. Shelves, cupholders, and reading lights, it's like a hotel room back there! AND, I don't hear chainsaws that wake up people in trailers. I'm in a 3/4-ton leather-clad hermetic shell. First time I slept in her, woke up looking at all the trees around me, got part-way up to look out the windshield and saw rain pouring down it. Laid back down and went back to sleep.

Here's the full size pic of the avi, for all the nature-loving GM truck dudes out there:

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