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    Default Tons of updates & upgrades today. Plus, our long-term plans.

    I'm working on about a dozen small updates to the site for today. Not really going to get into everything, but I'm doing these updates to get the site ready for the long-term plan to move to xenforo. I'm concerned that there will be a massive drop when we move to xf, but that is the long-term strategy that we're going to move to. My guess is maybe this summer?

    Just some backgroud, this website is running a software script called vBulletin. It was created by a small group of guys in the UK over 10 years ago, then they sold out to a firm in San Fran called Internet Brands. IB really is an interesting company, but they didn't take care of vB to the same level that people like me (and a lot of other forum owners) wanted them to.

    Long story short ... the founders of vB left the company and started a new forum/community platform called xenforo, and I have already launched one site on it as a guinea pig site and the site looks amazing, even though no one goes there. lol.

    So, in the long run, I need to fix a bunch of broken stuff on this website today ... to get it ready to move over to xf. So, that's the goal of today's updates.

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    Guinea pig website = Toyota truck forum. Boo!
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    Hush now ... the site looks pretty good though.

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    My first post on the toyo page "Do you ever wish you owned a real truck?"

    nah just kidding. Site did render fast and looked really good. Definitely shows something to look forward to when you move GMTC over. Your explanation about IB and vBulletin is probably why my IB AG mobile forum reader used to work with GMTC and doesn't now. Probably don't hear it often, but thanks for everything you've put into the site.

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    I've identified that we're getting a lot of slowdown from all of the recent updates in the sidebar, so I'm starting to streamline it all so the site will load faster.

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    it shrunk,
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    We were able to shrink the sidebar down 10% and then save some room for the max width. It's loading a lot faster now as well and it should look a little bit better on mobile devices. I'm working to get the sidebar to show on the bottom if the page is being viewed on a mobile device.

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    As a frequent user of both sites I can atest that the xenforo software works better on tablets and such.
    I did notice the other site hasnt had as much of a spam issue either, dont know if thats replated to software.

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    I'm getting closer and closer ... There is no "garage" for xenforo so that's custom code that had to be done. But we can figure it out one way or another.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Technically on this software implementation we have photo albums, a garage system and a photos and videos diem. Ideally we would want to replace this with 1 system.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So far so good, it's taken most of the day so far, but I've gotten a trial version of the database moved over into the new software script ... so now I have to work on the garages, the photo albums, the old blog posts, a bunch of stuff on the backend, etc.

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