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Thread: Chat system

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    Pay-per-user? That's daft!

    Mobile chat sounds interesting and makes a lot of sense as our world becomes more mobile/tabletized.

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    I've got to bail for now, but the system is back up and has been updated. I will test the mobile stuff later today.

    - - - Updated - - -

    There are some bugs in this version of the chat software ... and it looks like there might be a security problem as well. I'm going to look into it, but the code might not be very tight and I'm simply NOT willing to get hacked again just to have a chat software ...

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    Live update chat system ... I'm going to try a different option for live chat in the next couple of weeks. Basically, one where we turn a forum into a live-chat type of "board" on a topic and you can post back and forth and it updates live just like in the chat software. The benefit is that it's all recorded to a thread (and yes, you can go back and delete stuff) so there is a record of what goes on in the chat and we just make a new thread from time to time ... OR you can make your own thread, etc.

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    1. I don't much like the current package, either; it's not seamless, so I'm glad you're trying something new.
    2. Will we be able to surf/respond to the forums seamlessly while chatting ... without having to constantly go check chat (while we stop reading the forums) ... with the next iteration?
    3. Will the recording default to 'off' (as it probably should) ... and be able to be selectively enabled?
    4. Some states require agreement by all parties to record a conversation, which poses a challenge for recording a conversation where the participants are ever-changing. Will all parties be provided the option to refuse to be recorded? I ask because there is precedent for the Electronic Communications Act being applied to conversations in mediums other than the phone. (In 1968 the Internet as it exists, today, was not envisioned by lawmakers, so the act was, at the time about conversations on the phone and wire tapping, but it's been successfully applied to chat room conversations, text messages, VOIP conversations, pager communications, etc.)


    P.S. Please tell me the urge to capture chat has nothing to do with search engine optimization.
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    I might be slightly confused on the subject. All of our chat will be saved in a thread? It is not that I talk about things I don't want others to see. I doubt if someone that is here to look for truck info wants to see my private chat with another member about my new GPS running watch or how I train for a 5k. I had a pretty long chat with another member this morning about his work situation and a few other things. Would something like that be saved to a thread? I have met a few people here over the years that I would consider a friend and someone to talk with. Not all of our conversations are about trucks. It seems like it would clutter the forum up with chat threads. Like I said, I could not care less if someone else reads what I am chatting about. I have nothing to hide, but it seems kind of pointless to save chats that do not pertain to GM trucks. This is just my opinion as a member. I will not go into my concerns as a moderator about trying to keep things family friendly with a live chat being posted in a thread.
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    Yup, that's spot-on, Pikey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurrealOne View Post
    Yup, that's spot-on, Pikey.
    2nd that .........
    Tim Walters (Curky)

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    Just FYI, we have added CHAT back to the site ... but it's ONLY on the FORUM homepage right now.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just trying to figure out where to put this right now. It's really an overgrown shoutbox piece of software and it seems like overkill to put it on the top of everyone's page.

    Right now I have moved it to the HOME page, and there is a link right there you see for "Live Chat" ... I'm going to have to figure out where to put this, seriously. hmmm

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ok, nevermind about the homepage, I'll have someone build me a page that I can put up here and/or we'll figure something else out. It would be nice to have it available on any page that you want, if you want to load it. Maybe I'll have some ideas for that, like a turn-on and turn-off system?

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    This chat seems good so far, I have used it when I am actually on the site, been busy lately and haven't been on the site as much as I use to.

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