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    Default 99 Suburban - Need Help, Won't Start

    My husband and I are completely stumped, I am hoping someone has some ideas that might help us.

    It is a 1999 Chevy Suburban K1500 (4wd, rear heater, etc)

    Two weeks ago we went out to eat (about 5 blocks from home) and when we came out an hour later the Sub wouldn't turn over. I didn't hear any clicks or anything. Someone with us went to our home and got another vehicle and we tried jumping it and wouldn't turn over. It was late in the evening with no parts stores open but we went to another place and got a battery. It was a side post battery. and he installed it but didn't think he had it tight enough when it still wouldn't turn over so he tightened it more and it busted. I finally got him to let me have it towed home and it's been sitting in front of our house for now 2 weeks. We went and got a top post battery and he put that in, still wouldn't turn over. His cousin owns a salvage yard and we got what they tested to be a good starter, put it on, nothing. My husband noticed a fuse in the front that had connections from the battery and we went to the dealer and they said it was a 175 Maxi fuse? We bought that, and replaced it. Still nothing.

    I looked online for possible other options.
    === Passlock security issues? No Security light on
    === When I called the dealer about the above possibility he said something about how some starters need to be coded to the vehicle. My husband doesn't
    think this is the issue since we don't have the coded keys.

    We had had the starter tested on Saturday at O'Reilly auto and they said it was good as well.

    - My husband is currently waiting for the temp to get a bit warmer since it's in the mid 20s today but then he plans on putting the starter back on and maybe checking the connection on the battery cables.

    Any ideas or help are greatly appreciated. This would be the second winter without our Suburban running. Two winters ago it was down while we waited to have a new motor put in it and I really do not want to be stuck driving my car or my brother non-4wd drive truck this winter.

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    The two most common starting problems (after the battery), are the solenoid (which is mounted on the starter, sometimes part of the starter, sometimes separate from the starter) and the starter relay in the fuse panel.

    If the solenoid was replaced when the starter was changed out, take a look at the relay. You can find it in the owner's manual, if no manual, a google search should turn up one.

    A third common problem is loose/dirt battery and starter connections; but you have probably checked those.

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    Could be Antitheft !

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    The solenoid is mounted on the starter, if the starter test GOOD could the solenoid still be bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCLARK View Post
    Could be Antitheft !
    That would be the passlock I mentioned, but the security light hasn't been on once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayzesG View Post
    The solenoid is mounted on the starter, if the starter test GOOD could the solenoid still be bad?
    I would expect the solenoid would have been checked with the starter, but I mentioned it because sometimes the obvious is not always checked.

    Do you have an owner's manual?

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    Have you tried the key and unlock the light may be out. I'm just throwing that out there and trying to help. I've seen people try and jump cars with security not turned off.

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    Check ALL lines corrosion on power lines from starter battery and alternator can rob starting power very easily. Also if you don't have a security line coming on during the normal instrument panel light check then I would suspect that is really the problem. If the light is not on or flashing the. There is a problem, and as far as the starter needing to be coded, that's a line of BS.
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    You pretty much know it's not the battery
    I still think is something to do with the starter.
    What kind of sound did you hear now when turn? nothing?

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    If the small wire going to the starter is getting 12v when the key is turned to the start pos, My guess is it's the starter. Mine just went (2nd one) at 110k. Was it turning over slower than normal lately??? Mine was for about 3 months, I think thats whats known as an "early warning"...LOL!!
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