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    I have never even heard of this problem until the last week. My wife drives a 2008 Yukon XL 5.3 that we've had since new. The last oil change (Mobil 1 since new) I was 2 qts low, don't routinely check it cause never had an issue. I've lost almost 1 qt in just over 2k miles, 1st thousand I drove on interstate and didn't go down any, 2nd thousand wife drove around home, 55mph roads and thats when it dropped, that AFM thing would make sense then. 122k miles on it and wonder should I just keep an eye on it or is it worth doing this diablo tuner I'm reading about. I don't need any more power, just would like to drive it for a while. If turning off the AFM at this point would help I'm interested. I did replace the lost oil with Mobil 1 high mileage to see if that helped any. I did have it in dealer at 92k and told them about occasional ticking noise on startup, they said found nothing. Suggestions?

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    Any form of a "tune" completely voids any possibility of GM replacing an engine for this concern. I'm a tech at a Buick/GMC dealership in MN and have replaced a few of the afm 5.3s for oil consumption concerns. A good majority of the time a warranty adjuster does come and inspect the engine before a new one can be ordered. It is very easy to tell if a vehicle has EVER had any other form of pcm calibrations in it, and the screen displaying the calibration numbers must be printed off and held on file in case GM calls the motor to be sent in for examination. Also, one of the first steps of the GM diagnostic starting point for all powertrain concerns is to check for aftermarket equipment. We had a 2010 crew cab 5.3 come in with 2 burnt intake valves and the owner very upset. Upon checking his pcm calibration it was found he had modified it with a programmer, thus defaulting on any possible warranty. If you were standing behind your product for 5 years or 100,000 miles would you cover it if the consumer was changing the entire operating infrastructure? Just a heads up to everyone.

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    Update to my original post that started this thread: (sorry for the novel)
    Sorry this has taken so long, but I wanted to get everything resolved before posting anything. (Legal action was a possibility and with GM monitoring these forums, I didn’t want to tip my hand) To that extent, I think it’s neat that GM folks, like Evan who contacted me, monitor forums, but I think their only interest is damage control for GM. I can’t really see where they can really do much to help anyone out. Evan did call the dealer to learn that they had replaced the lifter (for the 3rd time) and completed the repair. He then relayed this info to me, but wasn’t anything I didn’t already know and didn’t really solve any of my issues. If anyone can prove I’m wrong on this, I’ll stand corrected, but that’s my take on it.
    So what prompted this thread and my last visit to the dealer’s service dept. was another P0521 code. As I was actually driving to the dealer, the engine developed a severe misfire and the “service stabilitrak” message came up, just as it had done in the past (lifter failing). Even after explaining the prior history of lifter issues to the service writer, they diagnosed the problem as spark plugs and wires. The service writer called the next day and told me they had replaced the spark plugs/wires and that had fixed my misfire and check engine light, but I had no compression on cylinder 1 and needed a new engine. This was an obvious lie and it was also obvious they had mis-diagnosed the problem. I told them I wanted a new engine and wanted GM to pay for it since this had been an ongoing problem starting at 54k miles. (truck was now 17k miles and a year out of warranty) Dealer told me GM wouldn’t replace engine but may cover 50% of repairing current engine, so I went the repair route. Not until they took apart the engine did they finally find the broken lifter. At this point, after being lied to and thinking they have unqualified technicians, my trust in this dealer’s service dept. is really getting low. They ended up replacing the lifter (at GM's expense), charging me $462 for plugs and wires and sending me on my way. I guess this was better than the$7200 they wanted to charge me for a new engine, but still felt like the problem had never been fixed, and I’d just break another lifter in another 25-30k miles. I should also note that on my last two visits to this service dept. I had complained that my truck seemed to be using excessive amounts of oil. The first time they assured me everything was fine. (this was also before I knew this was such a widespread problem) The second time, they told me they would start an oil consumption survey, but never did and when I got home, I found they had overfilled it by 1 quart.
    At this point I had the truck back and it was running, but still had and oil consumption issue, felt I would continue to fail lifters, and had been lied to and charged for mis-diagnosed repairs. I thought it was time to escalate my issue with dealer management. I first sent an email to the person listed as the dealer president on their website explaining I wanted to meet with him and the service manager about issues I’d had with the service dept. I waited 10 days and got no reply. I called and left a voicemail with the person listed as the general manager on their website, waited 14 days and got no reply. (I also started talking to another dealer during this time, more on this later) Called and left another voicemail with the general manager. A couple days later I got a call from the service manger stating the general manager was busy all week, but he could meet with me. Stopped in that evening and met the service manager for the first time. Explained that my truck had been in his service dept. 4 times starting at 54k miles, had lifters replaced 3 times and they kept failing, explained that I had at least twice voiced concerns about oil consumption and nothing had been done, and that I didn’t like being lied to about the spark plugs and wires. His response to the lifters was that they had replaced lifters on a handful of trucks and none of them had come back, so my tuck should now surely be fixed after 3 replacements. (I didn’t by any of that) As for the oil consumption issue, he brought up an image of my last service write up filled out by the service writer, which stated nothing about oil consumption. So he basically accused me of never mentioning the oil consumption issue. The form he showed me did have my signature on it, but this was explained to me as an agreement to pay a $100 diagnostic fee,if I chose not to have any repairs done. So the lesson here is always make sure all problems are accurately documented when you check in at the service desk as you can be held accountable for what the service writer does or does not include. Finally, the service managers response to charging me for the spark plugs was basically “you’ve had a lot of repairs done for free over the life of your truck, so you shouldn’t complain about having to pay this one ticket.” In the end, I left it that the engine still had problems, had not been fully repaired and I wanted all the problems fixed with a replacement engine. He agreed to call GM and see what he could do. Got an email from him the next day, stating that GM would only be willing to pay half of the cost of a piston/ring replacement to correct the oil consumption issue, which would make my share of the repair $1500 or they would offer $3k trade assistance if I traded for a new GM vehicle. Told him I’d think about it.
    So remember the other dealer I’d started talking to. This was my hometown dealer several hours away, but who my family still does business with and knows the employees well. I talked to this dealer’s service manager and explained my situation and he agreed I had been jerked around by the first dealer and I’d likely be wasting my money with the piston replacement as he had a memo from GM stating that it only fixed about 20% of the engines it was done on. In the meantime my check engine light has now come back on about 1500 miles since it just left the dealer. It was another P0521 code, which is what I had taken to the original dealer for in the first place. So I guess they probably just replaced the plugs and wires, cleared the codes and never actually fixed this problem. So the hometown dealer looks into it with GM and can get me a price engine replacement or $4k trade assistance on a new truck. I decided to take the truck all the way to the hometown dealer and let him do the engine replacement. They installed a new long block and it ended up costing me $2200, which was even less than the 50% they originally quoted me.
    I’ve had the truck back for a week now and it’s running great. I don’t really notice a big difference in power, but the engine noise, or lack thereof, is really noticeable. The new engine is much quieter and smoother than the original engine ever thought about being. The new engine also has a 3 year/36k mile warranty as well. It was a long way toget to this point, but I feel like I’ve finally got this fixed once and for all. It just goes to show that people can make the difference and there’s no substitute for dealing with a service dept. you can trust and that will go to bat for you. I’ve had no further contact with the original dealer and don’t plan to. I don’t visit the dealer often, but when/if I do need to again, I will be finding a new local dealer to work with. If I ever buy another GM vehicle, I’ll get it from the hometown dealer as repayment for the help they’ve given me. After all of this, I’m not as loyal to the GM brand as I once was, so there’s no guarantee my next vehicle will even be a GM, but I hope not to have to worry about that for a few more years now.
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    Well it sucks that you had to pay for the repairs to your truck, I myself will be getting rid of my truck before it blows up. It's sad that GM can't fix these motors, I will never buy another GM product and when people have asked me about my truck and all of the problems it has had 2 of them went bought Dodge p/u.

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    I had a 09 Silverado and the oil consumption started being noticable around 25,000. Had to go through 3 oil consumption tests before they instaled the oil pan baffle and new driver side valve cover(has new style PCV vent) and soaked/cleaned cylinders. When it went in for this treatment it was at 43,000 and using a quart of oil every 800-1000 miles. When I was told I was getting the upgraded baffle/valve cover and cleaning the writer brought out a service tech and explained to me that that this would NOT fix the oil consumption problem and I would be getting new pistons and rings when I brought it back after another 1500 miles. They explained they could not just do this now as per GM directives the baffle/cover/cleaning had to be done first, even though it wouldnt work(it may, but not after the rings have already failed). The VERY next day after getting the upgrades I noticed a few drops of oil under my truck. Poped the hood and noticed a considerable amount of oil gathered around the bottom of the radiator. This was a Sat. and took it back to the dealership Mon. Oil cooler lines had a leak, they fixed them under warranty. Was a little sucpicious and wondered if they had to be removed when they installed the baffle in the oil pan. But I went on. Then next week while driving home from work (I'm about 1.5 miles from said dealership) on a busy highway I hear a boom and chimes sounding off, oil immediately starts gushing from the front of my hood. Its spewing out all over the top and down the side of the truck, its all over my windshield it so thick I can hardly see out. Oil pressure drops to around 5-6psi. Cars behind me on the highway had to be getting sprayed as well. I'm so mad I drive it straight to the dealership having to look outside the center of the windshield. When I pull in it's ticking and looks like a race car that has blown a engine pulling in the pits. It draws everyone out from the service dept. and they can't believe what they see.
    The culprit, oil cooler line came undone from the radiator, hmmm..
    They get the service director as I'm livid. I stongly suggest that the oil cooler line problem was no coincidence and that I'm not happy that this truck I'm still paying on with only 43k is sitting in the check bay covered in oil and about to have the engine tore apart and bacicly receive a lower end rebuild.
    It is then even after searching online through my whole oil consumption issue he tells me something I hear for the first time.
    Its the oil rings they used on 2007-2010 5.3 vortecs with AFM. They are not the same as the ones used in the 5.3 years prior. They are softer and not as strong, spring/tension wise. Carbon build up would easily make these rings stick and once they stick it's over. Oil will now slide past the rings. There's no other fix other that replace rings and pistons with ones like in the older 5.3's before AFM. He told me these new rings(based on the older type) are very strong spring/tension wise. This was the cause of all of it, a new type of ring was used on the pistons starting with the 07 model year. He told me automotive techknowledgy was always 5 years behind from design to sale and that years 07-10 will likely have this problem and the only fix is new pistons and rings. So sadly anyone with a 2007-2010 5.3 with AFM(which is all 5.3 I would think)will at some point need this repair. Starting sometime early in the 2011 models the engines left the factory with the new type rings.
    Also those years will also have a dash faluire which is another story.
    With my engine completely coated in oil the cleaning striped alot of my undercoating away and it had to be replaced.

    After all this I decided that I just couldn't bear to keep making payments on a truck with low miles that had a lower end rebuild, replaced dash, replaced undercoating. They kept it a month to do all this and I never fired it up after that. I traded it in for a 2013 Silverado with my 09 still in the dealers boby shop getting undercoated.

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    what dash problems are You talking about tigerwitha88!!!

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    From 07 untill ?(I don't know when the improved dashes started being installed at the factory)has a high chance you will develop a stress crack in the dash. Right on the drivers side, top behind the instrument "hood" where it meets the flat area of the dash and/or around the passenger side air bag area. The one that was put in mine in 2012 had reinforced areas at these locations. When they started to leave the factory like this I have no idea.
    It will take a full day for dash replacement.

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    I think I'm just going to dump my 08. The oil consumption is getting worse with each check and from the sound of it they may take forever fixing it. I might think differently if it wasn't my daily driver or if my commute wasn't 120 miles daily. I might look at a newer model then again it might be time to look elsewhere.

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    I think i might be joining the club guys. last few times I've checked my oil its been down some, and once in a while the oil pressure drops WAY off.

    not sure what I will do if its the oil consumption like I think it is.


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    Oh no! Just when I was thinking I could come back to GM! Looks like I'll be keeping my '02 Ford a good while longer! Then, maybe Ram, Tundra, or whatever. And, I've been studying those forums a lot too. All are having some problems, just trying to find the lesser of the truck evils! With this oil usage problem, GM has gone way down in my search list! And the fact that they are not helping people much! So far, Toyota seems to be helping buyers the most, the Tundra air induction pump issue, etc., Toyota has stepped up fairly well with that. Ford kind of sucks for customer care, Ram a bit better, blah, blah, blah. We're screwed boys, we're screwed! Maybe it's the crazy EPA that has really messed us up!!
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