Dealership called me monday and asked if I wanted a new motor or to repair the one in the truck. Told me I needed to kinda decide which way I wanted to go so they could see what they could do for me with their district service manager. (they were very vauge with this) Told them I wanted a new engine of course as this one obviously has been nothing but trouble. They told me that's what they would recommend as well as it would come with a 3yr/36K mile warranty. Then they went on to tell me the GM usually won't offer any assistance with this option and I'd still be on the hook for the $7200. They said for GM to provide any assistance, they would want to troubleshoot and repair the engine in the truck and would likely cover up to 50% of the cost. Although, not too happy about it, I chose the repair route hoping it would come in much cheaper than the $7200. So this morning I got a call from the dealer telling me they (just like before) had found collapsed lifters and replaced them and the truck was ready to be picked up and that GM was covering the cost of the repair. I would only owe for the sparkplugs/wires/tune up.

I guess I have mixed feelings on this. I'm glad I don't have a huge repair bill. On the other hand, this is probably just another band-aid fix and will likely happen again, it's now happened at 55k, 90k, and 117k, so I guess they're only good for about 30k miles. I also doubt this will fix the oil consumption problem. I guess i'm just gonna hope I can get through another few months and be looking to trade for something else and just cut my losses with this thing.

TRPLXL2: I'm in NC, so ohio's a pretty good haul

EVAN: thanks, i tried to PM you, but not sure it went through (i'm not too savy with these forums)