Hey guys and gals, having a problem with my transmission. Was driving to the store and stopped at a light. When i went to take off, my truck didn't want to go. Felt like it never downshifted from OD as i approached the light and stayed in that gear. The take off was real slow. Checked the fluid and that was good. Was reading a few posts on here stating that the fluid will smell like sh** if it was bad, and no odd smell.

Drove it today and it started fine. I turned around and headed back home, and it started doing it again. Seems like it gets stuck in drive, and never shifts to over drive. I will run at 55mph, and my rmps will be at 2500. I had this problem a few years ago, and a tranny flush and filter change did the trick. Maybe the same problem? It is the original transmission and has never had work done to it, outside the fluid change. Maybe a solenoid?

The transmission would usually shift hard going into second. Not real hard, but not smooth like the others shifts. When cold it would also take a while to shift to OD. So maybe a rebuild or new tranny is needed?

Also, probably a stupid question but is it safe to drive when if it does not shift to OD? The manual says to just use drive when towing heavy loads so I would imagine it would be?