Hey guys, been reading the site for a few weeks now, made a few upgrades recently on my truck, added BFG 265/75s, bought the Superchips to fix the tire size (which worked great once I played with it for a few tries). But my Gas Mileage is not doing any better at all, I lost about 1.5mpg on the hwy, granted the bigger tires will take more power to move (vs the stock 245s) but 1.5MPG worth? I switched back from the 87 Octane mode (i was losing almost 2.5mpg in that setting) so Im now in stock w/options mode (tires only).

Anybody had some not so good experience with this Super Chips FlashPaq? Today I installed a K&N 57 series intake, havent really ran it hard enough to see much difference, but I have noticed a quicker responce on the throttle.

I got a Gibson side swept on order too.....but after looking at the exhaust today, I dont see how in the world it can be cat back only, AND be a "true" bolt on as stated in the add.....the only bolts on my system are BEHIND the cats......so Im wondering whats gonna be in the package.

Thanks for any info.