Hey, I figured since I now own two Suburbans it's high time I formally get into GMTC. I'd tell all you guys how great I think it is to drive a Suburban, but then, you already know that.

I got the '99 in Feb of last year. Had a lot of miles and more rust than I originally thought (God bless the northeast), and the AutoTrac panel had a cold-solder joint that needed repairing. Still and all, I was hopelessly in love.

As my other vehicle (99 TrailBlazer) has 195,000 miles last month I decided perhaps it was time to retire it for something a bit better. I found a very clean '04 Suburban K2500LT, fully loaded up to and including DVD, in Boston. Zero rust topside to bottom, but it did have 164,000. Mileage in and of itself doesn't bother me as long as the body is straight. I pulled the trigger and caught a flight up, gave the dealer $6900 and drove that baby home. it being the nicest of the two I gave it to my wife.

It's just the wife and I at home these days, all the kids have been off and on their own for many years now. To say we each need a monster SUV is silly. I don't care. She loves Suburbans as much as I do.

I look forward to making good friends on this excellent forum.

Life is good.