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    Default A simple question...I hope!!

    I'm trying to avoid yanking the radio out, just to find out the answer to my question, if possible.

    I want to hook my IPOD directly into my radio, and I was told that these is an "AUX IN" on the back of my radio that I can use. Does anyone know if there is an "AUX IN" and what type cable/wires I'll need to connect to it?

    I have a 2005 AM/FM/ single CD,non Bose, six speaker unit, with XM and ON STAR present...

    Any help would be appreicated....and you'd be a "hero" if you had, or could tell me where to find a picture/schematic of the rear of this radio.

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    Precision Interface Electronics GM12-AUX i believe is the unit you will need to make it work. I believe there are other companies that make them but ive heard good things about this unit here. Might want to double check but i am pretty sure this is the one.

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    Thanks for the response! I think you're right about that P.I.E. interface unit. The reason I was inquiring about the existence of an "AUX IN" was because I'm merely in the testing mode right now.

    I'm trying to find out just how good it will sound through my stock head unit, speakers, etc. I was just about ready to buy that PIE unit when I was told of this AUX INPUT on the rear of the radio.

    My understanding was that all I need to do was get the right connector for the AUX IN and then connect my IPOD to the other end..
    I'm guessing that everything would have to be run through the IPOD, but I wanted to try it and find out how much of a PITA that was going to be to live with a minimal investment.

    IF it turns out that I'm not happy and can't live with this setup then I'll move to PLAN "B"... which is MUCH more expensive!!

    Thanks again...

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    From my understanding you can actually semi control the ipod through the head unit. By clicking like next and previous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance915 View Post
    IF it turns out that I'm not happy and can't live with this setup then I'll move to PLAN "B"... which is MUCH more expensive!!

    Thanks again...
    If plan "B" is the case let me know. I have my ipod attached to my head unit and I can navigate through my music on my screan just the same as I can on the ipod itself. It is really awesome!


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    You know you can get a wireless transmitter for your IPOD that will send the signal threw the airwave right?
    The sound is not spectacular but it is the simplest way to connect.

    Now I really don’t know about these new fangled things on these new trucks, but if there is a plug in the back of the radio it may be accessible from the back by just dropping the dash garnish right under the radio and looking with a flash light.

    Again I am not real familiar with the newer trucks, maybe someone else here is.

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    yeah the fm transmitters are easy, but you loose SO much quality in the music.

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    I find it hard to believe anyone would even consider using the words Sound & Quality to describe a devise that holds MP3’s.

    The quality is one of the lowest to begin with, in an MP3 compared to a tape or even a CD.

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    Default Plan "b"

    PLAN "B" is to remove the OEM radio and replace it with a Pioneer AVIC D3....

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    or a Kenwood KDC-MP3035. Its what I have in my truck and I have the Audio hook up right in the back of mine sticking out the front for my IPod. It works great.. I got it on Ebay for about 110$
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