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You know that's bad for your truck right? And you lose quite a bit of horsepower. Your engine relies on the "H" pipe on your truck to equal out the head pressure from what side to the other. You will lose fuel economy, horsepower and your truck will sound god awful. All the really nice sounding trucks and hot rods all have "H" pipes.

My exhaust setup suggestion would be the same as mine, long tube headers, and then cutting the muffler off and doing duals from there out the back. Your factory cats are already high flow so don't waste your money on doing anything from the cats to the factory muffler. Leaving the "H" pipe in will help you. The "H" pipe is the pipe from your y-pipe splitter to your factory muffler.

My personal setup has no muffler, just headers and duals where the muffler once was. I have more power, better fuel efficiency and it sounds so good even die hard Toyota, ford and dodge guys give my truck a thumbs up.
X2 on the H pipe. Nothing like pulling up next to a sweet looking truck and when the guy gets on it, it sounds like two four cylinder motors running next to each other.