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I think the 01' style fuel rail has the fuel regulator built into the rail, It is not sold seperately. As far as the injectors, are they clogged or what?? I found a good how to on cleaning injectors on a BMW forum, I used CRC non chlorinated brake cleaner and soaked and then blew them out with compressed air. I was amazed at how much crap came out of them, I did a set of injectors with 84,000 miles and a set with over 140,000 and I'm still running both sets with no problems. I checked the injector flow before cleaning, and they were around 7.9lbs, after cleaning they were back at 10lbs.

If you buy new one's they might not come with new o-rings, if not then you should get the injector rebuild kit x8 ($15.00).
How where you able to open the injector to clean it? or did you spray cleaner into both sides and then blow out each side?