To make a long story short: My truck is in for warranty repairs. I was given a 2013 Suburban rental, and I ended up hitting a rubber/vinyl tarp on the freeway that scuffed up the front bumper. (If you want to read the whole story, here ya go.)

My body shop was able to get all the scratches and scuffs out of the front bumper by buffing it, but I'm stuck with this lower plastic black Valiance part of the bumper that's all scratched up. (Here's a link to the piece I'm talking about on eBay)

If I had the time, I'd just spend the $40 and replace it (if I take the rental in damaged at all, they're going to take my deductible of $500 and go through my insurance. I'm trying to avoid that..) But I need to return the rental car tomorrow morning :/ . This is the only thing I'm worried about.. the actual painted part of the bumper is fine and looks like nothing happened, but this lower valiance piece is gonna give it away.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get the scratches out of it? They're not that deep.. and this part isn't painted, it's just black plastic. I'm thinking maybe sanding it down so they're less noticeable? Or is sanding not a good idea? If sanding is a good idea, what grit sandpaper should I try?