Hey All,
This truck 2000 2wd 1500 5.3 has this security device that I can't find a lot of info about installed on it (apparently by dealers) called loctronics. It has a sticker on the drivers window by the lock knob " protected by Loctronics vehicle security system" The problem that has come up in the last few days only twice, is when I shut the truck off, open the door and hit the lock button. As soon as I hit the lock button the red security light starts to flash in the info center window and the doors all unlock. If you try and relock the doors, instant unlocking occurs. I can restart the truck, but once again when off and go to lock the doors, it unlocks them. Both times this has happened I have just went inside and came out 10-30 minutes later, start the truck, turn it off and have been able to lock the doors with a yellow flashing security light like normal ????? IDK
I tried google and so far I haven't even found this device yet or know if this device is what is causing this problem. The truck has never failed to start ever.
Anyone ever heard anything about this ?

Thanks ahead of time !