Ok, two things: One, my school shop has a pressure tester I plan to use it some time next week. Two just checked my levels on my vitals:

Coolant: reservoir tank empty, checked ground no spot so far, looking around the engine there are some damp spots near the water pump, radiator support and intake but hard to tell if just grease or new leak. I added about 3/4 of a bottle of Dex-Cool to the tank to make sure I don't run low. Hose that was leaking looked fine and wasn't damp....

Oil: 3 of the 4 little holes on the dip stick were filled with oil, oil was dark kinda yellow brown, the leak seems super small and I don't see many oil drips. Near the bad fitting it is damp with oil.

Tranny fluid: Nice clean red color doesn't smell burnt and not leaking

I need to check my T-case and diffs. Oh and brake fluid is right where it needs to be. It remains that the truck doesn't leak while running only after being shut off for a while.