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    Default New Toyo Open Country AT II

    Didn't realize Toyo came out with a new version of the Open Country AT....I think I'm a little late on this but I haven't seen a thread about them so I figured I would start one!

    As some of you might know, I was really torn on my next set of tires...decided I was going to to with the Toyo MT's....but now I see these new AT's and I might reconsider my decision.

    Anyone running these or know someone running these? 65,000 mile warranty on them...pretty impressive. If you don't like them after 500 miles you can give them back...

    They look REALLY looking AT tire I've seen. It actually looks like their MT, just a little more mild. They come in "Extreme" for the bigger sizes, I'm hoping a 305/55/20 falls under that category, because then they look even better.

    I'm still probably around 80 percent sure I still want the MT's...the general consensus seems to be that they handle extremely well for an MT on the road, and people get pretty good mileage out of them..some in excess of 40,000 miles. I like having the option to go offroading and not worry about getting stuck that I will get with the MT's. I'm not an extreme offroader, but like I said, I like having the option. However, if the AT's are substantially cheaper, because I've heard the MT's come with a price, I will probably go with the AT's and get over 60,000 miles out of them. I haven't been able to find prices on either.

    Thoughts? Thanks guys!

    Here's what it looks like...unsure about the size. Looks like around a 33 to me..

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    Looks like in a 20" rim size your 305 options are 305/50R20 AND 305/60R20. (No 55% profile option...)

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    I can always count on you, surreal.
    Where did you see those sizes at? I just checked toyo's website and I see a 305/55/20...I just have no way of telling if it is the "XTREME" version, which is a much more aggressive sidewall pattern. I guess I'll just head over to a tire shop and ask myself...will probably get my answer quicker...

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    I checked to see what 4wheelparts had for sale on the AT2's. I mean it's one thing for Toyo to say they sell something, but in addition to them selling it you actually need someone to carry it ... so you should search vendor sites.

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    Heres something that made me scratch my head....
    Have heard guys talk about how heavy the MT's are....but according to toyo's spec sheet on their website, it shows the ATII's being heavier....

    33x12.5x20 Open Country MT
    Overall diamater (inch) 33", width (inch) 12.6", weight, 71.7lbs

    305/55/20 Open Country ATII
    Overall diameter (inch) 33.2", width, 12.4, weight, 73.9lbs

    I thought the MT's were heavier? And why would they have metric sizes for one tire, but standard sizes for another?

    Figured you could help with this one @SurrealOne

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    I've not heard that MT's are heavier than AT's, so I can't speak to that. (Frankly, I also just don't care about 2.2lbs per tire.)

    I also can't speak to why there'd be metric sizes for one and standard for the other. I see that a fair bit and I just convert between them with a converter when I need to do so.

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