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Yeah, my truck is a dog off the line..and I drop out of OD on very slight inclines. Been trying to get through it though. I would like to re-gear but you would obviously have to mess with the trucks computer to reset everything. I wanted to re-calibrate my speedo for going up to 33" tires but the dealer said that it would void the warranty? So..that is why I haven't re-geared yet.

I would really like to go up to a 3.73 or 4.10. I know I had a thread where you and others provided a lot of valuable information. With the 6 speed I'm almost thinking 3.73s. Gearing low scares me...I don't want my truck screaming on the highway, which honestly is where I spend about 70 percent of my time.
The sad thing is that by trying to preserve the warranty (by not regearing) you'll be hurting your transmission. Pushing 33's instead of OEM sizes will be like having the truck on a mild incline all the time. That's added wear .. and you'll likely pay for it down the road ... after your warranty is gone, of course. The previous owner of my truck did the same thing and I've got a tranny rebuild in my near future as a result.

4.10's will be fine on the highway with 33's ... and will convey a slight bias for power. They'll take your truck from a dog to downright punchy off the line. They'll also provide enough of a power bias to allow you to move to 34's or 35's without regearing again ... something you couldn't do with 3.73's, as they're really only adequate for your 33's.