Yes it was an inside air temperature sensor. All I did was made a resistor short across the wires at the harness where it plugs into the controller. I do not know if I will spend the money or the time on the air temperature sensor because I never run it in auto mode. I'm going to make the permanent connection this morning I will let you know if this is the true fix. when I get to a desktop computer I will attach a picture with what I have done.

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Ok, the truck is fixed. It now modulates based on the temperature that I set it too on the controller. One of the temp sensors was bad and caused the a/c to always be on during operation. If I was max heat, the controller overrode the sensor and did all heat. As soon as I was below max heat, the controller used it's inputs and made it's adjustment. Since one sensor was screaming hot (based on measurements I took), the AC controller thought that it needed to turn on and give full cool air to the passenger complartment to bring the false high temperature down. Here is a schematic of what I did. Thanks to everyone for their help. This site is great.

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Sorry for the terrible picture, I don't try to get fancy with my graphics!!! Anyways, this is functinally what was done, the resistor was soldered across the Dark Green wire (signal wire) and the Brown Wire (ground wire) It works great for now. I'll keep my fingers crossed