Recently, I've noticed that my lower lenses (turn signal) on my '05 Silverado are getting moisture in them. I'll be working on drying and sealing them to prevent that, but my question is about my lights.

One of my daytime running lights burnt out. I don't know if it was caused by the moisture or "natural causes", but I went ahead and bought 2 new bulbs to replace both since I figured the other might not be far behind. When I replaced the bulbs, I noticed the sockets were slightly blackened. Perhaps the moisture caused a short? Anyway, I went ahead and replaced both bulbs, but now neither of them are working. The bulbs I bought were the correct ones for my truck, according to the Sylvania website. The second one I replaced was working until I put the new bulb in it.

I guess my question is, do y'all think I need to replace those sockets? All other lights seem to be working fine. Is it possible the moisture in the lenses burnt out the bulb and ruined the sockets too? If so, I'll wait until I can seal them off (it's been raining quite a bit here, and I haven't been able to get them dried out enough to seal them up) to make sure the moisture doesn't short them out again.

All thoughts and recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks!