in southern CA i see a LOT of stupid lifts... mostly from people who will never even see a dirt road.
these are the 2 most common mistakes people make with their lift. it scares me to see it on the highway doing 70+

first you probably know; lift blocks. dont stack them! seriously!... dont do it. a steep embankment, huge pothole, a heavy trailer, even an abrupt lane change they can separate and/or crack. spend a little extra and get a combination of good shackles and purpose built springs if you want to go that big...

second is the front sway bar end links. its easy to forget that the sway bar needs to be perfectly parallel to the lower control arm in that slight downward angle...
i saw what mustíve been a 45-degree angled front sway bar this last weekend with bent up end links. dude had terrible body roll on the interstate trying to stay in its lane... moron..
so fabricate something if you need to, but for secure steering you need that sway bar perfect. ESPECIALLY with a lift

im amazed CA does not have safety inspections... it would totally help our traffic cause half these people would need to stay home lol
just an fyi. thanks. carry on.