Hey all,
This is my other GM toy, I know its not a Chevy, but close with a little better styling than the Cobalt. At least I think so
Its a Pontiac G5 GT 2.4L VVT ecotec 4 cylinder, with a Bullseye S256et turbo running 10psi with 10.4-1 compression.
Dyno'd before any real good tuning was done @10psi= 272whp & 276wtq. Very very fun car to drive. Been taking her to the strip
and trying to learn to tune (still need lots more help), best 1/4 mile run so far is 13.6 @ 100. Hoping with some better tuning I can get it into the 12's.
This is the reason I bought my 2000 Silverado to tow the G5, instead of driving it to the strip, might break some thing on her and be stuck there, lol. Here she is.