Okay, so i have a new to me 1988 chevy silverado 1500 long wheel base single cab and i have just recently purchased a new aftermarket radio system from crutchfield.com complete with all the needed wiring adapters and such. I went to install the radio today only to find out that it will not work. i have already disassembled the old OEM factory radio and taken out the old cassette player. I have gotten all the wiring hooked up right (to my knowledge according to color matching of the wires) and it will not turn on. The factory radio beforehand worked fine, just did not produce a quality sound. Then i come to find out that Now my interior lights will not work anymore. I have tried checking the radio fuse to see if it was blown but it looks to be just fine. I did notice that when i went to insert the wires through the dash in order to plug them into the aftermarket radio that i caused a little bit of a spark bc i had forgotten to disconnect the battery. But i immediately checked to see if the truck would still crank and i checked all my lights and they still worked (i dont know about the interior lights though because it was daylight and i didnt think to check them). But im thinking that maybe i blew a fusable link in a wire somewhere?? I dont know where i would check that at? Deeper inside the dash on all the radio control wires or what? i dont know. And is there also another type of fuse box that i dont know about in this truck other than the one to the right of the parking brake release? I would really like some advice on what to do before i go ripping all the plastic pieces out of the dash though. LOL. And now about the heater and air control....Apparently the heater had worked perfectly fine before the trucks engine computer was replaced, but now it will not work at all. The button lights to the heater control unit will light up, but the little display screen shows nothing. Is it just a faulty Heater Control panel or could it be something else? The truck is old, but as far as mechanics go it is great. Just little electrical problems like these are really becoming a pain Any advice would greatly be appreciated! Thanks