Howdy! I'm glad to find this blog spot. I have a 1986 truck in the driveway and it's carb on the kitchen table.
Should I rebuild the existing carb or try to find a re-built one?
Note: The V8 engine has been equiped to pass CA emissions, which I am not subject to here. It seems like it would be a good idea to eliminate all the smog equipment at this time.
I'm confident I have the skills to complete the required repairs and I'm looking forward the task. I have more time than money right now.
The truck ran great, but I've had a progressive fuel issue. For two years the only way I could start it in the morning was to prime the carb with gas or starting fluid. Once she got going it would run fine and I could shut it off the rest of the day and it would start-up fine. Then the next AM same drill. Eventually that stopped working. That's why I've got a carb where my toaster was.
I would really appreciate some advice on this.