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I had a pressure pad starter kill relay installed in my 95. I put it under the carpet next to the accelerator pedal, where that vinyl pad is. It stopped someone that got ahold of my keys from being able to mess with my truck (ie.. dumb friends) My parents could not even figure out how to start it and I had shown them how! I would turn the key forward, click the pad with my foot and then start the truck. 98% of people in my truck never knew it was there. Upgrading locks and security system is pointless in my opinion. They will just break a window if they want something. In my opinion a flashing light on the dash along with some common sense is just as effective and much cheaper. Plain and simple, don't leave things in clear sign that other people want. I keep the inside of my truck pretty clean. I have a stock radio. If someone looks into my windows all they will see is my coffee mug in the cup holder and my kids' car seats. I don't leave CDs out, I don't leave phone chargers visible, no change in the cup holder or in clear sight, when I had a system I shut it down well before I entered the place I was parking, bumping base while you park announces that you have something nice that someone that is dishonest may need! When I was working in downtown Detroit a coworker had his truck broken into for .65 cents and a few empty bottles sitting in his cupholder. (10 cents per bottle return in Michigan). Great, a $200 window replacement for less than a dollar in change and bottles.
Now that is dumb. My aftermarket radio has a blinking theft light and my rear windows are tinted to the point that you would never know what was inside(GM SUV standard). My gps stays hidden and same with CDs and change. I unplug my phone charger after use because my cig ports are always on and then put it under the seat. If someone really wanted my tools in back good luck to them the chest weights around 60lb so not easy to carry and its noisy as hell. All my windows are laminated glass unlike newer cars where only front is, so have fun with that lol. Anyway since the truck looks like hell people would never think to rob it especially because I park next to nicer cars usually.