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    Default Clicking sound under 2000 silverado

    Hey guys I recently changed my rear u-joint in my silverado because I thought that was where my clicking or semi grinding sound was coming from. Do I need to check the one next to the trans ? And what else could it be?

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    Shouldn't take too long to check the front u-joint.

    I don't think there's near enough information to discuss what else it might be. Can you describe the noise better (maybe post an audioclip)? Is the noise rhythmic or random? RWD or 4WD? 1500 or 2500 or heavier? Rear drum or disc brake? Can you recreate the noise on a lift or jack stands (but don't hurt yourself doing it)?
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    It's a 2000 chevy silverado 5.3L . 1500 Short Bed Z71. And yeah its rythmatic the clicking or semi grinding is right in time with the drive shaft. It has disc brakes and the rotors are worped bad but I didnt think that that would be it. I am at work right now I won't be able to check the front u joint until tonight. Thanks

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    Default Still Clickin and grinding

    Okay I have pulled the drive shaft back out and the front u joint seems to be alright. What is a quick and dirty way of checking the rear differential. The front u joint seem to be alright but should I swap it with a new one to make sure any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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    Check your front differential driveshaft u-joints also.
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    It may not be the best thing, but if you took the driveshaft out, put the truck in gear, you could have someone simulate "driving" the truck, and you would be able to lay directly under the tranny to hear if anything was wrong. If nothing happens, its either going to be part of a load problem, or you can eliminate everything and change the oil in your diff. Check your brakes (if that hasn't been said) because those also are directly linked to the speed of the vehicle.
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    Default Turns out - Transfer Case

    Well after having everyone listen to it I think that it is in the transfer case. It seems like its in four wheel but not all the way. I got a guy on it now. Thanks

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