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Is this still an issue?

There are a couple of different ways that you can get notified about threads that you are subscribed to on this website.

  • Control Panel (just up at the top bar of the website)
  • Instant through email (these should show up in less than about 5 minutes)
  • Daily through email (these are sent out once per day, I think it's the pre-dawn hours usually)
  • Weekly through email (these are sent out in bulk on monday morning)
  • None (Delete) ... you don't get notified of any specific thread.
I used to get emails instantly when I was PM'd. I have changed no settings, here. We were not informed of any sitewide tweaks to notifcication settings. Given both of the aforementioned I would expect to still receive emails instantly when PM'd. I have not received any email notifications about PM's for several days ... despite having received PM's.

I received one PM, earlier today, and no notification came in for it.